In the Court of Love

There are similarities between the game of tennis and the game of love. Why do you think the scoring is the way it is?

love = zero

Now, that’s a bit odd, don’t you think? And what about tennis etiquette compared to internet dating etiquette? In tennis, the opponents shake hands afterward and move on to the next opponent in the tier. Is it really good manners to go back onto an internet dating site after a good first and second date?

Take Jay, for instance. After a couple dates, he wrote that he was counting the hours until we would meet again—to go take in a movie. Really? Wow. I was flattered. I went online just to see if he was still looking for a game partner. Disappointment. Foul. Yeah, he was.

“But what about you, Adrienne? You logged back on!” my co-worker accused, after hearing my lament.

“I only went on to see if he’s on!”

“Sure you did. And my husband looks at Playboy just for the cartoons.”

Hey! I’m calling that one ‘outside’.

There ought to be rules of conduct at these sites. I went on three dates with Sir Elton, and as I contemplated our experience, the game of tennis came to mind. Let me fill you in:

I’m attracted to shiny. And he is that, with his neon yellow shirt and narrow rectangular glasses with a stripe of yellow in the frame. I closed my laptop when he leaned in at my coffee booth and said, “You’re early!”

“I’m always on time,” I smiled back his beaming face, resembling a young Elton John.

“I’m just finishing a short story,” I explained, not wanting him to think I was trolling the dating site to look for someone cuter, or worse, writing about Sir Elton himself.

Jay/Sir Elton sat across from me and the conversation rallied back and forth like a ball between two pros, each stellar at the game.

“I was married for 16 years and have had relationships since—and it all taught me something, more about myself, I suppose,” I easily returned his serve.

“Name three things you learned,” he spiked one direct, a little unexpected, and I faltered for a return.

“Hmmm…let me think,” but my mind went blank.

What did I learn? I could write an essay on what I’ve learned, but to pinpoint three lessons while Sir Elton sits beaming at me—nothing came to mind.

15 ~ love


“What are you looking for in a guy, a relationship?” He wound up and served an inside shot.

Now, this I could expand on, and did.

“I want someone who has a good sense of humor, honest, kind, compassionate, has similar interests, is interested in what I have to say… and you?” I lobbed one at him.

“I want someone who wants to be with me as much as I want to be with her,” he looked at me, triumphant at his net shot. “I like to take it down to the lowest common denominator.”

The ball hesitated on the net and plopped over to my side.  A sneaky shot, it was.

30 ~ love

We met for breakfast the next morning. I arrived through the back door and greeted the owner. We go way back, at the cafe. I saw the back of Sir Elton’s head and noticed his salmon colored shirt, shining brightly in contrast to the gray morning. The rain streaked down the windows and swoooshing traffic noises could be heard outside.

“Good morning!” I smiled at him.

“On time again.”

“Always. I can’t stand people who are late. Actually, I’m usually early.”

“I’m the same way. I have an eleven minute rule. I wait for that length of time—and then I’m gone. I had clients who wanted to view a house I was listing and at eleven minutes past the designated time, I left. I left as they pulled next to the curb. They tried to wave me down, but it was too late. They called for days afterward and I ignored the call.”

Not nice, Elton.

30 ~ 15

Our third date was spent at the theater. I told him how much I enjoyed sports cars and so he thought we’d go to a movie which played an hour away from our town, giving me a chance to experience a ride in a 400 horsepower Mustang. I hopped in and unfortunately it was raining so we had to leave the top up. Nonetheless, the engine purred like a lion and leaped out of the starting gate like race horse. Most of the ride, he blasted his stereo system, which was so big the speakers had to be kept in the trunk. Now, I love music, make no mistake, but his choices ranged from drippy 60’s to sappy 70’s. “Leaving on a Jet Plane,” played loud enough to alert all traffic around us, and I realized it must be a favorite of his, as he began to sing along. My son would be mortified. Not the volume—no, he’d love that—but the musical taste, for sports car.


Not so good to blast the stereo on a third date. How can you talk? You can’t. I looked out the window and realized that this was not going so well. But, the movie was that new Matt Damon film, The Adjustment Bureau.  I love Matt Damon. I love movies. It wouldn’t be a waste of time.

Science fiction isn’t for me at all, but, this film had a captivating plot. Especially electric, the chemistry between the two lead characters. They sizzled. Surprising to me that it was in the science fiction genre, but it had a message about love. It showed so eloquently how two people in love can overcome so much, even destiny. It gave me hope that even Matt Damon would ride the same bus for three years in hopes of finding his soul mate. I know this is movie land, but surely love like this is attainable? I looked over at Sir Elton and I saw that the glasses he had on today matched the peach colored shirt he wore.

“I wear a different pair of glasses every day,” he told me during the first match. I thought that was cute. Now at the theater, sitting next to me, I knew it would be one of those endearing quirks partners have that soon becomes an irritation.

Sir Elton took my hand in his. That felt kind of nice. But, as I watched the feelings of amore grow onscreen, the hand in mine felt like a piece of cold fruit.

40 ~ 30

On the drive home, he turned the volume down and we chatted.

“That’s my office,” he said, pointing to a building. “There’s 250 employees there.”

“Wow, that’s a lot of people. So, have you made many friends there?”

“No. They all hate me,” he looked at me and smiled grimly.

“Why? Why would they? Maybe just because you’re new? Maybe because you’re so independent and are successful so soon?” I offered, always feeling for the underdog.

“Yeah, maybe.”

He braked while someone walked in front of a parking stall Sir Elton wanted to take. He unrolled his window.

“Are you taking that spot?” he asked and the guy nodded. The he turned, “I’ll let this go because you’re here,” he said to me.

That was game. And just like the completion of a match, we shook hands.


In The Court Of Love © 2011 Adrienne S Moody. Catch up on all the latest Adrienne dating exploits, click her tag below.

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  1. Adrienne, Game-Set-Match! Another good one!

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    Thanks for reading, M.


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