Adrienne Moody: Reporting from the Field

First off, I want to warn my readers that I may, at any moment log off abruptly. I’m waiting for an unsuspecting online date to appear at my coffee shop table. In the meantime, some back history…



“I’m doing fieldwork,” I informed Lynn, one of my favorite friends.


“Yes. You know, fieldwork. I’m back in the trenches—back online dating.”

“Oh…spare me,” she moaned.

“I figure I need some fresh blood—to write about. I can resurrect past dating exploits. God knows I haven’t a lack of material, but I logged on to the dating site last night and put the feelers out. Remember I told you about Jay—the guy who wrote that something happened to him in his life—that made him change his entire attitude and now he lives each day as a gift? That guy?”


I don’t blame her for feeling skeptical. She has watched me on this dating roller coaster for a few years now, and I know she was relieved when I told her I’d had it. I was turning over my fate to destiny and no longer desired a man to walk beside me. I have my writing. I have good friends. I can buy a fish.

“I can’t tell you how good this makes me feel to hear you say that, Adrienne,”  Lynn commented at the time.

“I know. It shows growth and maturity, doesn’t it? Lots of women live single and are happier for it. In fact I just read a study that showed single women make up the happiest, most content, groups of people. Single men rated the worst and married women just barely above that. I’ve certainly given it my best shot.”

“You have, Adrienne. As much fun as it is for all of us to live vicariously through you, I just want to see you happy and not hurt or disappointed anymore. You need to spend more of that energy on your writing.

A break from dating has been refreshing and much needed; I’ve had a chance to reflect. Time to imagine my life without ever sharing it with a man—and it wasn’t such a daunting thought. It could be kind of nice to do exactly as I please—without any consideration to anyone’s feelings. Eat what I want, and when I want. I like having full control over the remote. I skip quickly over the hockey games muttering, “…never again…”  I can watch Out of Africa for the umpteenth time and tear up when Robert Redford crashes his plane and Meryl looks up suddenly and knows it. I can impulse buy “just because”, and return it all the next day without anyone looking at me like I have shopping bulimia. I can come home after an exhausting day, drop everything at the entry, and flop onto the couch, remote in hand. Not shaving my legs for a few days felt so decadent.

But that was a week ago.

Besides, I love a good story. And I think this guy might have one. So, I am sitting in one of my favorite coffee shops, writing this out, and watching the door.

Oh yes—there is one more man, one whom I put on my favorite list after reading his profile. He’s planning a trip to Europe next year and wants a romantic partner to join him. All expenses paid. He writes that he wants “long-term” and a year is enough time to figure if there might be a lasting connection. I like his appearance and he has interests similar to my own: reading, dancing, biking, and music. I wrote back last night and told him I’d give him a call later.

My so-called “dance card” is full today. I have an hour to spend with Jay, then I have a lunch date with a mentor—a wonderful woman from Chile who loves to hear all about my latest romance.

“Okay, Adrienne. Give me the latest,” she greeted me at lunch three months ago. “Give me the shortened version, but don’t leave anything out.”

She admires my resilience and determination, however she refuses to let another man into her life after a destructive marriage and divorce. Now, the only guy she fantasizes about is Pierce Brosn… whoops he’s here! Gotta go…

Adrienne Moody: Reporting From The Field © 2011 Adrienne S Moody. Keep up with Adrienne’s online dating exploits, click here. Look for Adrienne on Amazon Kindle soon with Now.Readthisplease!

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