Adrienne Airlines: Flying Solo

//Adrienne Airlines: Flying Solo
//by Adrienne S Moody

[Editor: This title has a few different connotations. I’ll run it, but watch the ads.]

I had fieldwork booked for today, but just as I was leaving I checked my messages. I discovered that he had canceled—due to “things I have to take care of.” [Ed. Yeah, right, top secret. I’ve never BS’ed a date.]

So here I sit in the trenches (okay, my favorite coffee shop) now a writer without a subject. [Ed. spider and fly] I decided to treat myself to tea, an opportunity to people watch and reflect. Today I was to meet an interesting guy who looked very much like one of my brothers (my favorite one.) They have that same intelligent, nerdy appeal with dark glasses and a square jaw. [Ed. Clark Kent] I have a weakness for intense brown eyes and hair. Women tend to go for the same look as their Father, or someone from their childhood who had a strong influence. I’ve often referred to my brother as my soul mate.

I liked how Lance responded to my tag line: color my world.

“with what color?” [Ed. bucket or barrel?]

I answered, “blue” and he responded, “me too.” [Ed. How cute, you both like short wave photons.]

My co-worker said to me this morning, that it appears now I am booking these dates only to serve as fodder for my stories. [Ed. She should read rather than script.]

“That’s not true,” I protested. “But, why not document as I go along? I learn a lot when I put it all down on paper. I have evolved.”

“How so?” she asked.

“I used to think I’d find my White Knight, I really did. I bought my condo thinking that he’d come along and with his help we’d pay it off, move elsewhere and we’d live happily ever after. Now, I realize that isn’t likely. I even wrote in my profile that I have every confidence that I will find him, wherever he is and regardless of how long it takes me.”

“And now you’ve given up?”

“I’m thinking it isn’t likely any guy is going to blend his life into mine. People who are independent like me, aren’t going to give up their freedom—they’re not going to compromise too much. We’re just too set in our ways.”

“So what are you looking for then?”

“Either someone who defies all the logic of what I just said, or a man who just compliments my life, someone who likes the same activities, hopefully be a best friend to me.”

“Someone who makes for a good story, Adrienne? I’m sorry, but I just don’t buy what you’re saying. I think you’ve gone from someone who is addicted to the meet and greet excitement, the roller coaster of falling in and out of love, to someone who is looking for an unsuspecting victim for their next story.” [Ed. Funny, that spider fly comment. Tell your friendly relationship counselor, above, that if your editor meets her, she’s gonna get a serious frowning.]

Well, I’m sitting here mulling that over. Have I given up looking for Mr. Right? Am I akin to an ambulance chaser looking for her next cover story? [Ed. Yes, and there’s nothing wrong with that, because when you do meet the one, you won’t want to share him with your readers. Then you’ll know.]

Something has definitely changed. I don’t have this naive confidence anymore that it will happen for me. Reluctantly, I believe that all the good ones are taken. With dismay I have observed the dating pool has shrunken to a mere puddle and a murky one at that. My expectations are fairly high and I just don’t think I can lower the bar.

I want someone who:

– Drinks very little, better yet, never
– No drugs and not even pot for medicinal purposes
– Non-smoker and no not an occasional smoker
– Intelligent: reasonably high IQ and EQ
– Communicator: This means he talks about more than hockey and sex.
– In great shape: preferably having the ability to climb the Chief with me.
– Positive thinker: Yes the environment is suffering and the economy looks grim, but look~ the sun is shining.
– Healthy, emotionally and physically
– Great sense of humor
– Financially sound
– Compatible
– No anger or abuse issues
– Kind and compassionate

[Ed. I’m reading and this list never ends. Though, given how many of the criteria I meet, I do feel like rare breed.]

Okay, I have quite the list and there’s more, much more. I’ve thought about changing teams and even have a story about that which I’ll share with my readers soon. [Ed. Hello, what’s this?]

I haven’t given up, not completely. I’m going to keep trying and I’ll keep documenting. Becoming an expert internet dater is something I never expected. I thought, when I first started online dating, that the experience would last mere weeks before I’d be madly in love with someone, and I would sense a devotion that could last the rest of my life. But here I am, years later, with hundreds of stories and still flying solo.

[Ed. Flight Moody, this is the Tower. You are cleared for Runway One. Avoid foul weather. Happy travels.]

Adrienne Airlines: Flying Solo © 2011 Adrienne S Moody. Follow along with Adrienne’s dating exploits, and occasional feedback from her editor, click her tag.


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