Writer’s Block and Astronauts

You may encounter writer’s block because you carry a preconceived expectation of what the outcome will be. I will tell you now, that matters squat. I know this because I was forced to write thousands of ads on deadline. The same applies to story writing stress. Ask yourself, “Am I stumped because I am thinking about the end result?” When the words flow from brain to fingertips, I’ve noticed that I’m excited and frantic to capture the story immediately—all I’m thinking about is “get it out.” However, if I dawdle, fuss, and consider the accolades I might receive for penning such imaginary wordsmith wizardry—I bog down and the right words evaporate. At that time, I realize that my priority shifted from the story to the outcome. Queue sound of another stalled keyboard.

Keep it simple and write down everything you see. Colorful description, plot, and setting will follow. Start with notes, and like love the seeker, the story will find you. Locate a nice bench downtown or near a meadow. Listen to the voice in your head: This is a character speaking and not psychosis. Writer’s block is not a time to think about yourself. It is a good time to let your thoughts meander, pen in hand. Within five hundred words, you just might be flying.

Also, some activities are not complementary to writing. They exploit energy from the wrong hemisphere of the brain. Painting and writing can be difficult. Sculpting and writing, I’ve noticed, are complementary. Cafes and writing can work, as can cooking and writing—if you are not deep frying. Motorcycling and writing rarely works. Space travel would be good. Through writing, you can be anything you desire.

So you want to be an astronaut…
Books are good, courses are good,
So’s travel, so’s a sidewalk cafe
Observe everything, analyze this or that
Words, phrases, rambling thoughts
Borderline insanity
Forgetful of feeding times
Frustration with your pen,
Your brain leaps
Middle page, first page, no page,
Pager goes off
Share ideas, get ideas, remove ideas,
Ideas are fleas
Catch a whisper, catch a thought
A sidewalk cafe glance is caught
Is she an interest for my plot?
Perhaps she is an astronaut.

Another opine/poem combine from Gaboo, our resident derp. So You Want To Be An Astronaut© 2008 Gaboo. Read more of Gaboo on now.readthisplease.com.


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