Who is Adrienne S Moody?

A review by Gaboo, another readthisplease.com writer.

So Adrienne S Moody is gonna step in and write a column for now.readthisplease.com. She ups the ante. The rest of us will have to write more to get any notoriety.  I’ve always known her by an innocuous internet handle and it’s only recently that’s she come out in force branding a name in the Romance genre. Ever beguiling and slightly mysterious, that’s the Adrienne I know. And the ‘S’? Short for sass, I guess.

Who is Adrienne S Moody? I’ve never met her, though I’ve chatted with her live online. I’ve also talked with a close friend of hers, who vouches that Adrienne meets all the criteria she portrays in text. Apparently, Ms. Moody’s rather devastating—inshow material—and she’s doesn’t settle for anyone or any attitude. She’s got priorities, and when she’s not engaged in social settings, she’s writing. Poolside, I suspect, with something pink in a glass. She’s also pretty quick on the sweetums chat. She doesn’t get left dangling.

When I first started writing alongside the debutant online, I thought she might be a little old gran; she was all on about comfort food and recipes—I had no idea who she was—but she was just grilling me, gleaning info about the male thought process. I divulged secrets, and for this, yeah, yeah, I’m sorry, brother. Consider what I was up against. I also learned she has a wit (watch your speak) and at her game when challenged. And the exploits—I don’t say a word in the kitchen. I just really like the way she tells her stories.

“Sure I divulged secrets… consider what I was up against.” – gaboo

Liverpool_man really was working to have Moody all ringed up. I actually got scared for her, freedom fleeting. He was persistent. And he seemed possessive now, but I could tell he’d be lap dog pretty quick. He came in scheming ‘let’s settle down’ and she already had him profiled, clocked, analyzed, and categorized between the entrance and the table.

Buddha_man, I’ve always had a sort of friendly appreciation for the guy—from the stories. He’s esoteric, a deeper thinker, well, more than Adrienne gives him credit. She’s gotta know that she’s a lot of go, go, stop, go. Friend did yeoman’s work carrying water for the team.

The Stallion, he was a little too dangerous, even for Moody. She doesn’t like being played and this guy was a lot of games. Besides, his profile was on again/off again. He seems unsure, except where his nads are.

Fly_boy wow, whirlwind. I can’t understand how calm, coy and circumspect Moody is after near deer death with an airplane. Fly_boy avoids disaster, check. Does he qualify despite doing every activity but talk? She was really trying to tune up innuendo in the headphones.

Well, that’s where we’re hanging. Waiting to see if this new flight suitor takes off. Apparently, some personal photos were sent? Adrienne left the tbc… What’s that about? There could also be a friendly thing in the background. I caught it. Involves keyword ‘roommate.’

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