Until the Snow Melts

Snow fluff squeezed together by boots
coalesces, hardens
school’s canceled
this is the beach

Wet, sticky sand swirls around each step
Clumping, messing shoes
causing grumbling
nature hit the asphalt hard

We thought we were far out of this wilderness. Winds come and go, yes, but with computers in our pockets, we’d assumed we could zip from one point to the next like a text message through thin air. This sunk-in front, this heaving of white upon every surface, it shouldn’t have the ability to slow us down.

But ice unsettles even the young into a joking half-drunken dance. Neighbors lean out windows, yell advice on frozen locks. A man in coveralls stands in the unploughed street, directing crawling cars with a push if need be. Someone offers to pay, but he refuses.

This is no vacation. From our waterproof cars and insulated houses, something has been visited upon us that is out of our control. The world outside looks different, foreign. We will band together and trudge through; strangers becoming humans against the world. At least until the snow melts.

Visit sample images from L G Ives’ recent photo essay, Winter in Abstract, here…

Image by L G Ives

2 Responses to “Until the Snow Melts”
  1. curly says:

    Great writing, amazing images L. Givens. Just beautiful.

  2. your photos and words are lovely.

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