The Witch – Prophecies Excerpt

What’s going on in the world? In 2004, a muse entered the mind of a writer and compelled a tale that seemingly reached into the past and described an era long ago. In 2007, on December 21, precisely five years before December 21, 2012, the short series of parables received registration in the National Archives of Canada. The writer was unaware that the character of the book, a wys, actually paralleled the creed and beliefs of an ancient sect. Thirteen supporting characters were portrayed in the subsequent thirteen chapters, each interacting with the wys, and continuing on to meet their fate or their demise.

The first two chapters, The King’s Representative and The Scholar, describe the frustration of a beleaguered population upset with its ruling class. Not a unique premise, however when readers considered the timing and messages of the book as a whole, a doorway to current events had been realized. The King’s Representative describes the witch’s defiance, and The Scholar encounters her consternation and witnesses her prophecy of shifting human priorities. The text meanders and wanders, set in an archaic form of conversation. For some, the character is like a cat, choosing its own time to amuse the reader. Following chapters, such as The Troubled Soul, The Soldier, The Merchant, The Beggar, The Sower of Seeds, and others, each contribute to a passionate message of hope, self reliance, and deep connection with natural gifts.

In the time since the book’s publishing, world events have dramatically paralleled the text of the book. So with this backdrop of world affairs, and exclusively for, we bring you another excerpt—the first two chapters and the Declaration of The Witch. Whatever insight you reap, is your own. By permission from the author and publisher. All rights reserved.

Click here to view the picture book excerpt. The Witch’s Declaration, The King’s Representative, The Scholar © 2007 B. G. Lewis, Sage Press, Canada.


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