The Romantic and The Witch

Thirteen parables set in a medieval era. Click cover to read.

An excerpt from the original chapbook, The Witch by B Lewis, exclusively for our Valentine readers. Included are three parables, The Romantic, The Fool, and The Sailor, as well as digitized images of the original sketches. By permission from the author and publisher. Click here to read the excerpt. Requires flash player.

Some interesting facts about The Witch

  • The book serendipitously received admission to the National Archives on December 21, 2007 — exactly five years from the thirteenth Baktun on  December 21, 2012.
  • Readers have indicated parallels to world events.
  • The book contains interesting parables that teach how to overcome famine, political strife, greed, woe, and anger.
  • The entire book was inspired by a single muse and written under a willow tree known for granting wishes.
  • The author’s pen name uses thirteen letters.
  • Specific incidents in the book parallel an ancient sect of ‘wys’, or wisewoman, unknown to the author.
  • The book contains thirteen characters in thirteen chapters, and the letters at the start of each chapter form a code word.
  • The initial chapbook sold out two printings in eleven days. Only a few copies of the signed original are still available privately.
  • One copy is known to have been destroyed by a distraught librarian.
  • Readers debate whether the main character portrays a witch at all, or someone more angelic.

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