Strangling Words

I slept the morn in civil court
watching preds and perps retort

Then summoned lo, before the bench
comes the poet, no defense

His crime’s a rhymer posted bare
for the critics’ somber glare

He scoffs at grammar, twists his verse
runs his clauses in reverse

“Throw the book” the mob doth blare
whilst jurors stand and do declare,

“For much flagrant verb abuse
we’ll hang the metrist from the noose!”

Judge’s gavel quells the rabble
(his honor rambles legal babble)

Before the hack is sent to slaughter
proceeding’s reasoned out-of-order

“Who so ever hath not sinned,
let the sticks and stones begin.”

So I speak up, from my perch,
where lippy crows and vultures lurk,

“If court will hear this bard opine,
strangling words is not a crime.”

Yep, another original by gaboo


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