Readthisplease Valentine’s Day Edition

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We invite you to Read This Please, our online periodical, and the start of a second volume. What better day to begin again? Spring’s coming around soon—romance seeks the willing. A Valentine’s Day edition felt right. And it’s all about the love—shall we get a little intimate? Perhaps reveal those inner yearnings that pull us all toward bonding? (We even included some stories that don’t support all that Valentine’s hype.) So for you, we’ve dipped this edition in invisible chocolate and draped it for your reading pleasure. We wish you a happy Valentine’s Day and love all year round.

Rendezvous with some talented writers. You can find the author’s link with each story—amore!

All About the Love

Valentine’s Day Edition

Disheveled by M Dawn Thacker

A Keystroke Away by Adrienne S Moody

Chancing a Dance by Sarah Scott

Dear Steven by Steven Bird

Carnal Chevy by Bruce Reisner

Sound of Breaking Glass by Adrienne S Moody

One Thumb Pete by Adrienne S Moody

The Hogger by N. Ratched

Not Valentine’s Day by Adrienne S Moody

Prairie Storms and Crinolines by Adrienne S Moody

Pawn Shop Love by M Dawn Thacker

The Kiss by Jen A. C.

Death By Choking by Adrienne S Moody

The Mating Game by Sheila Cano

Dirty Feet & The Moaning If Only’s by Gaboo and B. Lewis


Memories of First Love

Romance writer and now.readthisplease online dating columnist, Adrienne S Moody, has challenged other writers of readthisplease to share treasured moments of their past. They reluctantly flustered up simple tales of innocence and curious blunder—and poured them on screen. How embarrassing for the participants. Heartache, wonder, and surging hormones—it’s all there in column three. Thanks to contributors M Dawn, Gaboo, and Adrienne herself, who features prominently throughout this keepsake Valentine’s edition.

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