Learning the Hard Way

A reader story by fiwey

My young, adult son jumped in my car today. He wasn’t wearing a coat. When ordered back into the house to get waterproof garb, he responded that he was wearing two sweaters. He said that he was fine.

“But they say it’s going to snow,” I ribbed.

“I’m OK, Mom.”

“What if it rains?” my logic still cutting in.

“I’m really OK, Mom. Let’s go.”

“OK, figure this one out the hard way,” I though to myself.

His class ends at 11:20 am. At 10:00 it hailed. At 11:00 it rained, dumped actually. At 11:20 my car pool buddy stopped by to suggest I might be gloating. I wasn’t really, more of a worried smirk. At 11:30 the sun came out—completely dry.

Who won?

One Response to “Learning the Hard Way”
  1. gaboo says:

    Waaay to go, fiwey. Cool little reality bit. The one who arrives home without worry wins.

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