Is that God or just a life force goo?

Don’t go by what others tell you. There’s an energy out there and it trips a little serendipity on oddest occasions, usually out the corner of one’s eye. This life force goo, it has a sense of humor, too—let’s you know when the phone’s gonna ring. Spirituality isn’t learned, it’s perceived.

How can you figure out if I speak the truth? Doubt, wonder, wanting knowledge: those three should get you set up for a little real life experience. The doors will open. The blinders come off slowly lest the horse bolt and upset the cart. Change your viewing angle and you might see the rhythm.

Ever wonder why spirituality was core to human belief systems long before reason and logic? Us modern folk have the benefit of Aristotle defining reason. Still, early humans had the same a+b=c logic readily available that we have now: To drop a rock, add gravity. Even if they didn’t perceive gravity, drop a rock and a rock gets dropped. So why did they look to an invisible force for guidance and insight? Sun goes up, sun goes down. Rains come and go. Early human lives were fundamentally logical, full of cause and effect, yet for some reason, spirituality was an ever present factor in their lives.

“I walk the shadows and scent of the bull rises on the wind. My grandfather walks beside me—he is a young man, running strong in the time of the red sky—he guides me past the short nosed bear.”

Who would think up such notions? Cro-magnon man was wandering about spearing, cooking, eating, rutting—shouldn’t these logical endeavors be enough? No, we have evidence in the paleontological record of cave paintings and early symbols, which denote a deep relationship with the give and take of life—the flow. Early humans paid favors to a spirit world that, in turn, appeared to work on their behalf; organizing their world and promoting their existence. Why not sharpen spears, then simply go on a hunt? Why seek council of unseen forces in nature? Apparently some procedural ritual led them to success in the hunt. Why didn’t humans develop embracing logic or reason alone? Because when you are trying to survive, you begin to rely on your intuition. And if you achieve a certain state of mind, things tend to roll your way.

It really doesn’t matter if you perceive a god or not, only that you get a chance to experience a little of the magic that permeates the ethos.

Yet another opined look back in time by Gaboo.

4 Responses to “Is that God or just a life force goo?”
  1. curly says:

    So much good in here to read that it is a distraction!

  2. Gaboo says:

    Thanks Curly, needed that. It’s been a hard few days out of heaven. One foot forward…

  3. Jen says:

    It makes me feel like… I’m standing in a meadow, consuming the same atmosphere my fellow inhabitants and seriously thinking about scratching some graffiti on a rock.

    • Gaboo says:

      Think it—with a little wish—and maybe just the appropriate mark will be set before you. I believe there’s a fair bit of benign mischief in the ethos. Thanks for reading, Jen. A treat to read your comments.

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