Icicles and Snow Picture Book

Icicles and Snow by M. Dawn Thacker

A flash picture book from readthisplease.com featuring winter photography. Page through icicles on buckets, frozen on eaves, and dangling against a backdrop of brilliant blue sky. Dawn’s captured some great winter glimpses of her world in Virginia. We didn’t alter the colors at all. We really want to thank her for sharing some beautiful work, because there were too many to choose from. We suspect there’s an underlying theme of passageways; windows were incorporated in lots of shots.

Look for her ebook photography compilation soon. It’s full of wonderful pictures of Virginia focused through her creative lens. The pictures are exciting. And just for our readers, flip through M Dawn’s sample, Icicles and Snow Picture Book right now. Requires flash player. -editor

4 Responses to “Icicles and Snow Picture Book”
  1. curly says:

    Awesome work, M.Dawn. Makes me glad I’m not up in Washington right now, though. brrrrr

    • thank you curly, it’s my second favorite hobby. We’re seeing signs of Spring here now, daffodils popping through the ground and highs in the fifties today, a warm breeze from the southwest.

  2. Barbara Nordin says:

    These are *stunning*–absolutely exquisite.

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by Barbara. I’m glad you enjoyed the picture book.

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