Distant Daydreams

Our February is cast in shades of freezing and thawing earth. Garden stakes stand in rows, lonely for vegetation. Late sugar snap vines kneel, heads bent to the frost, their curled fingers on the climbing wire. The rusted red tiller is stalled, mid-plow in snow, lost in the white, searching for fertile ground.

The barn daydreams in the distance, vision fixed South, its back braced against the wind. Every once in a while its gray bones rattle.

A man and his daughter walk across the pasture toward the hickory tree. It’s cold and they don’t have hats. I don’t know if they are from today, or yesterday.

Images by gaboo for now.readthisplease

2 Responses to “Distant Daydreams”
  1. Adrienne says:

    Lovely prose and pictures, M.

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