Sky Date Touch and Go

Out of the three possible suitors, I decided to respond to Fly_Boy. There were two elements in his profile that interested me: he offered financial security (of course women want that!) and he hoped that the woman in his life would enjoy flying with him in his small aircraft (sign me up!)

Still smarting from the break-up with Buddha_Man, I decided to respond to his email and look at this next Cyber-Encounter as more of a friendship. Fly_Boy wrote back and asked if I would meet him at the hangar not too far from my place. It was situated right next to the dike that I often cycled on the bike path. I knew exactly where it was. This date excited me. Not only did I not know this person, which is exciting enough, but to fly across the ocean to one of the islands for dinner is like a dream-date.

He met me in the parking lot and after the introduction I followed him to where he had his plane out in the field. He told me he’d completed his safety check and we only had to get in, warm up the engine once more, and off we would go. I was giddy. He showed me how to climb aboard and I followed his directions with ease. He settled into the pilot’s seat and showed me how to strap in. Then he put the headphones over my ears and when he started the engine, I understood why. The engine noise was deafening. His voice spoke to me from his mic into my headphones, sounded scratchy like a weak connection to AM radio.

There wasn’t any tower — this was for small aircraft only — so it was up to Fly_Boy to watch left, right and skyward, checking for aircraft activity. We sped down the rough terrain and finally, breathtakingly, we were airborne. It felt like the most amazing exhibition ride, only far more thrilling. We’d only spoken a few sentences and now we were together, up in the sky, and soon to be over the blue waters.

This isn’t really a great way to meet someone because you can’t talk. I’m thinking now, that’s probably why he did it. I found out much later, he wasn’t a communicator. But, I was into this for the ride and for an interesting experience.

We circled the landing field when we arrived at our destination. He explained that a wealthy islander allowed small planes to land on his field. I know that the most dangerous parts of any flight are the landing and take-off, and this seemed a bit more rustic than I had expected. Fly_Boy seemed competent and I put my trust in him — what choice did I have at that point!

We descended, he cut the engines, and like a glider we floated downward.

“Do you see something on the runaway?” he shouted to me.

“What??  No!” I shouted back. I couldn’t see anything, sitting lower than he was.

Then I did see, when we touched down. It was a small deer chewing grass right in front of us. He looked up. For a moment I envisioned a disaster, but then, like these animals often do on the highway, he sprung out of the way preventing a crash.

Later, our dinner was delicious, and I listened to Fly_Boy talk about airplane mechanics. He talked about his work as an engineer for the Railroad. He was able to retire the following year pulling in $7,000.00 a month pension. He didn’t need to work any longer, but wasn’t ready for the transition. He was only 55 years old. This man did have a lot to offer. His home was an tear-down in a very expensive area of the city and would sell for an easy two million. He wanted to live part of the year in Hawaii.

Our first date went very well, I thought. After we landed at the end of our evening, rain began to fall. He cut the engine outside the hangar and we sat for a moment in silence. We made it back just before nightfall, and rain hitting the roof of the plane set the mood. He leaned over and we kissed. After all the excitement of the flight, a near crash, delicious food, exploring an island, the summer flowers in full bloom, and being with such a masculine man skilled in ways that impressed me — I changed my mind about my feelings towards him. Maybe he was worth opening my heart up, once more.

“Well, I can see there aren’t any problems in this area,” he whispered to me when we broke apart.

But as our relationship progressed we found out that there were.

After I returned home there was an email from him waiting for me. He thanked me for the wonderful time and although he figured it was too soon for this, he attached two files that I might want to look over. Curious, I opened them immediately.

to be continued…

Sky Date Touch and Go © 2011 Adrienne S Moody. Click Adrienne’s tag for more stories.

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  1. Adrienne! You have left me hanging.

    • gnli says:

      I think we’re catching a general theme here. The poor guy dumps $200 on fuel, the date, he figures a little after dinner portrait of him in his flight suit might land him on the runway.

      Sure he’s gonna need grooming, he’s been working too hard.

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