a little seed

A little seed is growing
On my window sill
And if I’m still
I can hear
What no one ever will
In a song for you

A view of all to see
Waits on the highest tree
Children climb
And birds fly
Watch ships sail out to sea
I would climb for you

Early morning shower
Dusts the evenings leaves
And sighs a mist
Like crying
While the world is still asleep
And I long for you

I’ve got a question that I’ve been avoiding
What about you and me?
It’s good to be near you—it’s good when I hear you
Say you want to be with me
I didn’t know it, but I fell in love
And there’s no where else I wanna be
I’ve got a reason that you can believe in
It’s love for you from me.

A Little Seed © 2011 Gaboo for readthisplease.com


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