Writing for Dollars

I originally wrote this for my blog, but I’ll probably use this cooperative format to gather data. I should also check the old links—heading into spring and all.

The following list provides links to reviews and sites that pay writers for articles. If you are writing magazine-style articles, consider submitting to one of the main ‘paying’ websites. Most of the writing projects I take on are with clients and advertisers I can meet in person. They are running a business or performing a service and occasionally need words. Sometimes just one or two. The more you write, the more the word gets around.

Elance: Get Your Job Done Elance promotes writing talent. Employers post writing jobs and writers pitch their talent. A variety of writing roles are covered, from reports to scripts.

Elance: Outsourced Freelance Writers Some tips from the buyer’s side as well as lots of articles on freelancing and its forms.

Suite 101: Become a Freelance Writer Suite 101 offers a venue for qualified copywriters and commentators to sell articles. There is a submission procedure and payment schedule. Check them out.

Quips and Tips: 10 Steps to Earning a Living as a Full-time Writer Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen lists the methods she used to gain access into the world of paid professional writing. A relatively new author, her article offers insight to other tenderfeet testing the waters of freelancing.

Life123: A Guide to Ghostwriting This site offers a collection of articles on the craft of Ghostwriting. Perhaps someone else has a story to tell and you have the pen. Several authors contribute ‘how-to’s’ for your success. And perhaps, you can submit your own articles to Life123 on your experiences. They also contribute a collection of articles on breaking into freelance writing markets. Associated Content contributes a brief run down as well. Essentially, if you can make decent content, someone will strap on an ad and make money with it.

Wordclay: Selling Your Short Stories Wordclay offers step by step articles on breaking into the short story market. From the site, “Writing Short Stories: Is the Tradition Dead or Alive? • Submitting Stories: What Literary Magazines Mean To Short Story Writers • Marketing 101: Crucial Elements of Your Marketing Plan • Crash Course in Marketing Story Collections 101: Four Marketing Principles • Fundamental Promotion Techniques for Your Story Collection • Additional Resources • Domain Registration • Marketing Kit”

Writinghood: 9 Legitimate Writing Sites That Pay From eHow to Associated Content and Triond, this blog article reviews the major online sites for freelance writers. Noticeably vacant from the list: Suite101. How the author missed this, we can only speculate.

Lifehack: 5 Sites That Pay You to Write A good review of the paying websites, their procedures and payout schemes. Included are reviews of Associated Content, Helium, myLot, Suite101, and BrightHub. The author also provides her own preferred choice.

Scam’s and Issues. Ezine offers some discussion for online writers.

Preditors & Editors is another site where you can find tips on the business of bringing your work to market.

Some Resources on Agents

Association of Authors’ Representatives Are you in the market for an agent to represent you? AAR offers a page of association links. This would be the schmoozing circuit.

Agent Query is a site that networks input from members and offers tips on how to find someone who can promote you. An agent is someone who packages you as a ‘writing franchise’ to the publisher.

Guide to Literary Agents This Q and A site produces articles and feeds on agents, their role, and how authors can utilize their agents skills. Some categories include: Queries, Synopses and Proposals • Scams • Screenwriting and Script Agents • Self-Publishing and Agents • Writers’ Conferences…

Self Publishers dare to dream with this fun article on whirlwind success. Colleen Houck is interviewed about journey with Tiger’s Curse, a fantasy novel selling on Kindle.

Author’s Guild. Hopefully you are compiling a great novel that needs just needs a book deal to get going. Here’s some industry legal tips to consider.

Research Literary Magazines

Even before you publish your master work, consider submitting shorts, poems and articles to literary magazines. Build your ‘author’s platform’. Follow their issues and the exposure writers receive by submitting. You may end up sharing ink with a prominent writer you’ve admired.

There’s many sources, but a good way to build a list is to use an advertising rates and data catalog. (SRDS or CARD)Libraries usually have a copy in the reference section. The link above takes you to CARD’s page (CA) on SRDS (US). You’ll find categories of literary mags, submission requirements and even contact information. Advertisers have an open door to many magazines and you can find detailed information about target readers and distribution. Trade magazines are also looking for content. If you are taking a trip, bring a pen, write an article and turn it into a paid vacation. Watch for magazine promotions to showcase your material. I’ll add to the links ‘periodically’…

More Links

Who do you write like? I write like me! Would you like a little virtual analysis on your writing style, even your influences? Sort of. There’s a site that runs your sample through the byte mill and correlates words, phrases and other variables. The result, a few suggestions on who you might resemble, literally speaking. I didn’t really get too thrilled. There’s more writing greats than they can compile.  http://iwl.me/ (I write like me). Site review by Jake Coyle, AP

Uplifting Gothic poetry—now that’s an oxymoron. Anyway, a fun meme resides at http://www.deadlounge.com/poetry/ Now you can get all morose and melancholic with just a few clicks, generating your own nifty Gothic verse. Comes with a choice of cover art for framing.


This list can grow. Do you have a link for writer’s advice? Post it in the comments.

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