Why does the world spin?

Oh, why does the world spin?
Seems the show is all over
when we just stumble in.
While the moon hangs forever,
we only begin.
Oh, why does the world spin?

You know why the world spins?
The ancients have known
since forever and then
the game plan got lost as
the sand trickled in.
Can I catch a glimpse
of these magical things?
There’s an endless horizon
where I want to swim
’til it makes me all dizzy
and gravity wins.
Oh, why does the world spin?

Who made the world spin?
There’s never a pause
in the cause of this din.
I’m surprised we can think
with incessant turning.
Night and then day
and then twilight again,
and just as we’re cozy
the dream’s got to end.
So we lurch and we gurgle
’til the credits roll ‘FIN’
Oh, why does the world spin?

Hold me while the world spins.
I promise to love you
and never give in,
never leaning, careening
or wearing too thin,
or losing my grip
on the anchor within.
Together we’ll dance
on the head of this pin.
No fear of tomorrow,
we’ll only begin!
(No matter what angle
Pythagoras planned,
or whether the Mayans
had their calendars jammed.)
We’ll never be bothered
with asking again,
“Oh, why does the world spin?”


Why does the world spin? © 2010 Gaboo

Reprinted for now.readthisplease.com



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